with our solutions

we make your processes
easy to be managed

reports we have prepared for you

we add efficiency to the
personnel management

we produce solutions

that meet the needs of
your business

we care about the importance to

healthy communication
and teamwork

we care not only about increasing efficiency

but also we care about the
effectiveness side for you

Who We Are

Rapidsol started its SAP Human Resources Consultancy service in 2016, meets the digital human resources management needs of international and national companies with its own experts and experienced staff.

With the efficiency, speed, and solution-oriented SAP human resources services we offer, we can be reached against all possibilities in order to meet the expectations of our partners.

While we position high efficiency in an indispensable area in our plans that we have built according to the needs of each of our customers, we provide you with a different professional experience by staying within the framework of global standards.

Apart from adding value to the existing values ​​of our partners we work with, we reduce the possible risks they may face. We give confidence with our transparent structure. We reduce your costs. In the light of technological developments, we are not behind the rapidly changing digital age, we ensure that your business moves will be gorgeous.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Experience and Knowledge
We are Solution and Result Oriented – #wearerapidsol
Our Accurate Planning Skill


When you need us, we respond with our accessible professional team.


We eliminate the problem of trust by keeping our transactions under control by you.

Servıce Qualıty

We care about the satisfaction of our customers we work with. We build all our solution processes in a line with the result you desire.


We respond to all your needs with our expert and experienced staff.

Complıance wıth SAP Standards

We keep your transactions in a sustainable and understandable position by working within the field offered by SAP.

Solutıon Orıented

We create all the plans we offer for your business that you can reach the solutions you desire.

Satisfied Clients
Successful RAPID Projects
Resolved Annual Support Requests