Recruitment Solution

We facilitate all of your recruitment processes with the user-friendly Fiori screens. Your Fiori Recruitment experience which meets the design expectations of the time and is comprehensible. It aims to make your Human Resources processes comfortable accompanied by sequenced and ready-made steps.

The Job Posting Pool, which can be accessed through your company’s official website, is a screen where personnel candidates can see all job postings opened by the company and candinates can read detailed information about job postings you share. At the same time, the candidate can apply to the post he/she has chosen with his/her CV. All data sent by the candidate for the job posting can be easily pulled from SAP online or as a physical printout.

Interview participants can evaluate the candidates on their tablets and computers.The Details of other candidates applying for the post simultaneously can be accessed. In this way, other postings can be checked and they can suggest another suitable position to the candidate.

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Fiori Recruitment Onepager