Supportive Payroll Solutions

In addition to the standard progress of Company Payroll processes, we present our Supporting Payroll Solutions, in which we provide efficient solutions to different scenarios you may encounter and new plans you will make, under 5 sub-solution titles.

  • Payroll Simulation
  • Reemployment Payroll
  • Acquittance
  • Minimum Incentive Report
  • Correction Slip

Payroll Simulation

We provide control of system consistency, the effect of parameter and data changes on payroll. Simultaneously, we prevent the occurrence of possible errors by making backward difference calculations. Thanks to all these processes, we make the simulation payroll results reportable.

Reemployment Payroll

Reemployment lawsuit; It is a lawsuit filed against the employer by the personnel whose employment contract has been terminated, claiming that no reason was given in the termination notice or that the reason shown was not a valid reason and with a request for reemployment.


We ensure that the corporate Personnel can print out the release in accordance with the company’s own format during the dismissal processes.

Minimum Incentive Report

While maximizing the minimum wage incentive amount utilized, we check the number of minimum wage personnel and calculate the incentive amounts. We deliver the control of the number of personnel to you with E-Declaration.

Correction Slip

It is used to correct errors in cases where the regular payroll has been completed, the payment has been made, and the accounting record has been made. If necessary, additional payment file and additional accounting document can be issued.

If the regular payroll has been completed, the payment has been made but the accounting record has not been made. Then the differences in the payroll corrected using the standard bank diskette are paid to the personnel or deducted the next month.

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