IFRS Solution

It has been developed to create the necessary software and data infrastructure for the calculation and accounting of severance pay and leave provisions in this context for businesses that carry out their Human Resources, Payroll Accounting and Financial Accounting processes on the SAP ERP system. The businesses need to report within the framework of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Why The Rapidsol IFRS Packet Solution?

By using personnel data and payroll results, it performs the calculation of annual leave and severance provisions required for the personnel. Besides, the accounting of these results in the SAP FI system (recording) including actuarial loss/gain calculations.

General Specialities of The Solution?

There are two separate applications for calculating the values ​​of the two types of provisions. These separately run applications make the corresponding compensation calculation and list the values ​​on the screen as a report for the user to check. After the calculated values ​​are checked, they can be accounted collectively at once through the same programme. An auxiliary application that calculates the data used in the calculations to determine the seniority probability parameter is also presented.

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