Analytics and Reportings Solution

Our reports, which we create in the light of all the information recorded in the SAP database, provide you with scientific data about your business under different topics.

Thanks to the data templates you will obtain as a result of our reporting service, you will have more control over the operation of your company.

In addition, you will be motivated to move your organization’s human resources management to a better area by recognizing your shortcomings due to the new information you have acquired.

Check out our sample reports on personnel, demographics, retirement, cost and turnover.

Employees Reports

Experience the mobility of all personnel in your business in the most transparent way, thanks to the Employee Reporting, which we produce on different topics at any time. Apply the right solution in human resources management with the advantage of the graphic reports we will offer.

Demography Reports

In our Demographic Reporting where we categorize all your personnel based on gender, age, seniority and educational status. We present you a broad demographic picture of your company. With the support of the data we have accessed within the framework of SAP standards, we enable you to read various features of the personnel in your organization more easily.

Retirement Reports

Depending on the size of your business, we present to you the relationship of your personnel who are actively working in all branches and their retirement status with understandable graphics. We make it easier for you to take action in your corporation, thanks to the Retirement Reports.

Cost Reports

In our Cost Reporting solution where you can see the expenditures made for all your personnel working in your business in various categories, taking a broad view of all your current cost transactions.

Turnover Reports

We calculate the turnover rates of your personnel during the working hours. We complete the Turnover Reporting experience by presenting the data we obtain to you with understandable graphics.